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New Affiliate Program

Why other Affiliate Programs don't work...

Most Affiliate Programs are not very beneficial because of the following:

  • Low unit price
  • Single license payment
  • Low volume (how many of your friends really want those products?)

So, after 2, 3 or maybe 4 affiliate sales to your contacts, the rewards are over...

So why is our Affiliate Program different?

We've designed a new Affiliate Program solving 2 of the above problems:

  • Obviously no change in the low unit price
  • But a recurring monthly subscription payment
  • And we create volume by rewarding you for additional layers in Affiliate Sales.
    We even help you to get subscribers in your Affiliate tree.

Read on how we use this to create a rewarding Affiliate Program for you.

1) How a Subscription Program of only $5 brings you a monthly Affiliate reward: read here.
2) How we create volume through additional layers in Affiliate Sales: read here.
3) How we help you build your Affiliate Tree: read here.

Our Affiliate Reward system - click here for details

We pay commissions for your friends, your friends' friends, your friends' friends' friends, ... up till the 7th level.
Find below the commission percentages per branch and an example of monthly commission payments:

Payout Members Commission
Branch 1 30% 3 $ 4.50 $ 36.00
Branch 2 10% 9 $ 4.50 $ 36.00
Branch 3 5% 23 $ 5.75 $ 46.00
Branch 4 5% 58 $ 14.50 $ 116.00
Branch 5 10% 116 $ 58.00 $ 464.00
Branch 6 5% 290 $ 72.50 $ 580.00
Branch 7 10% 435 $ 217.50 $ 1,740.00
Total 75% 934 $ 377.25 $ 3,018.00

The new Affiliate Program is part of the Subscription License
or add when purchasing any other license

One License for All Products one license for all products - only $5/month

Join the Subscription Licensing Program    More info on Subcription Licensing program

Your Personal Affiliate page will show all details of your Affiliate Tree and earned commissions - click Demo Login to see an example of a Personal Affiliate Page.

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