Our Affiliate Reward system:

On the Demo Login page you see all the details available to you on your Personal Affiliate Page.

After joining the Subscription Licensing Program, you will receive an Affiliate Id to log in to your Personal Affiliate Page. Every month you can follow progress on earned commissions, payments received and number of subscribers in your Affiliate tree.

When you start as Affiliate we reward you for your Affiliate tree up to the 3rd branch. When your rewards grow you can join the next level in our Affiliate Program to be rewarded to the 5th or 7th branch in your Affiliate Tree.

The upgrade principle will increase your commissions even further as subscribers in your Affiliate tree will upgrade to the next levels too - as a result you will receive commission percentages over these higher subscription fees. As the Affiliate tree continues to grow and more and more subscribers are upgrading your commissions will accelerate accordingly.

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