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An E-Policy Institute survey of office workers found the average employee spends 2 to 4 hours a day on email. We've seen the studies, and we all know that way too much time is wasted managing email. Why is this? It's because all popular email client programs were designed decades ago when we received only a handful of messages per day. They are based on an out-dated model, an overflowing Inbox, complicated features and virtually no ability to find messages quickly.

That's where email organizers come in. Think of email organizers as 2nd generation email clients. Email organizers are designed to automate email organization, to accommodate peoples' need to permanently save their email, to give immediate email retrieval, and to promote effective ways of managing email workflow. Importantly, email organizers do this with good to excellent performance even with hundreds of thousands of messages.

As an add-on product to Microsoft Outlook, NEO (Best Email Organizer - CNET 2002) gives you the best of both worlds. You can reclaim those thousands of hours employees waste looking for messages, while still benefiting from all that Outlook does well. In short, you leverage your investment in Outlook by turning it into an email organizer with outstanding collaboration capability. To learn how, read How NEO Improves Microsoft Outlook Productivity.

How NEO Works with Outlook

A MAPI-compliant add-on product, NEO is a client-side program that works alongside Outlook. Users of NEO may continue to use Outlook, and may switch conveniently between NEO and Outlook. NEO does not affect or restrict the use of Outlook in any way. Read More

  • Client-side product. No part of NEO is stored on the server.
  • Messages are not stored. Only indexes to messages are stored in NEO’s catalog.
  • Message stores. NEO works with an Exchange Server mailbox, an offline store (OST), and one or more personal stores (PSTa) in both Corporate and Workgroup and Internet Mail Only modes. Unlike Outlook, all of NEO's features operate seamlessly across all message stores.
  • Interfaces. NEO uses Microsoft’s MAPI interface to read the contents of message stores and to process message related events. Outlook’s automation interface is used to implement additional functionality including message composition, printing and message transport.

Using Microsoft Windows Installer, NEO installs and uninstalls in interactive or silent mode. The NEO installation is fully compliant with the Microsoft Windows Application Specification requirements and passes all Internal Consistency Evaluators. All details regarding installation and configuration including install/uninstall procedures and complete installed object inventory are provided in the NEO Installation Guide. NEO installs simply, unobtrusively and worry-free - all aspects are documented.


Our online tutorials provide straightforward, step-by-step instructions on how to get started, how to use NEO to manage your workflow, and tips to reap the maximum time-saving benefits. Learn at your own pace, or contact us for custom onsite training.

Customer Support

Custom account management and telephone support is available to larger site license customers. Tiered support is available: free-of-charge self-serve support, free-of-charge email support, pay-per-incident telephone support, and enterprise-based service level agreements. In general, we follow the Help Desk to Support Centre model but remain flexible to meet your requirements.

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"Anyone who uses Microsoft Outlook should give Nelson Organizer a try."
- Charles H. Gajeway