Caelo's Partner Programs

3 Ways to Get Involved

Affiliate Program

Spread the Buzz! Refer friends and colleagues to our products and services and earn monthly commissions when they join our Subscription Licensing Program!
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Established resellers and IT professionals can take part in the rapidly growing email organization software market with Caelo’s lucrative reseller program.
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Marketing Partners

Caelo offers Co-marketing alliance opportunities with companies that offer productivity enhancing products.
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At Caelo, we believe we have what every reseller and consultant wants – a great product at a great price that solves a problem that everyone has!

What problem do we solve? Ask anyone how much time they spend a day trying to manage their email. Countless hours can be wasted categorizing and purging messages. That’s downtime! That’s time that eats into their day making them less productive and efficient.

Working in conjunction with Outlook, Nelson Email Organizer (NEO) automates email organization. It helps people by organizing their email into manageable groups so they can focus on their actual messages instead of the time-consuming process of e-mail organization.

We help people be more productive and efficient. What could your clients do with an extra hour each day?

At Caelo, we’re committed to developing strong partnerships with resellers and consultants to help people handle email better in less time. The Caelo Partner Program focuses on providing consulting and reseller partners with the expertise and resources they need to market, sell, and support NEO.

If you’re looking for a great product at a great price that solves a problem that everyone has – you’ve found it!

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