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Caelo's Technical Support

We understand your email is a business critical tool which you need to use in the most efficient manner. Our Technical Support is committed to provide you with technical assistance to resolve problems quickly. In addition to this we can provide you with support and consultancy to maximize your benefits and time-savings you get from NEO Pro.

We offer the following support levels to NEO users:

1. Start-up Support

NEO tutorials are a great way to learn how to use the various NEO functionalities. Also if you like to boost your email efficiency consider taking our Online Email Training. Please visit our Knowledge Base for Quick Reference Guides and Application Notes for most efficient use of our products in managing your daily email workload. When you encounter a problem or need additional support, we offer free email support during 3 months after starting NEO. To get support during this period, please click 'Get Support' from the Help menu within NEO to report your problem or ask your question. After the Start-up Support you can choose from the following support options.

2. Online Technical Support
here to enter our Online Technical Support page

The fastest way to get support is to help yourself. Search our Knowledge Base, take our bite-size tutorials, view our How To information, download our User and Quick Reference Guides, read our FAQ or press F1 from within NEO to visit the on-line help system. If needing customer care, you can have your license info resent to you or send us a feature request or comment.

3. Premium Support
here to join the Premium Support program

Join our Premium Support program for personal assistance, software assurance and for next business day email support on problems you may encounter with NEO or any other question related to using NEO. Software assurance will provide you with continuous access to any product version and/or assistance with license related issues. Workflow questions on how to optimize your usage of NEO will be answered based on our extensive experience with optimizing email workflow through NEO. Receive a 20% discount on the first year Premium Support subscription when combining with any NEO license.

Our Premium Support members will be first to be notified about new upcoming releases and will also have priority to join our invitation-only beta testing program.

Without Premium Support or when having a license through Trialpay, you can still send us your support request to which we will respond on a best effort base.

4. Remote Desktop Support
Premium Support members only.

Sometimes however email support is just not enough to resolve problems or it may prove just too time consuming. To help you out in these situations, we offer Remote Desktop Support using remote login technologies to enable desktop sharing. You will remain completely in control and can determine what we see and do. We can either guide you through the problem or you can give us control to resolve the problem while you are watching. No additional software needed. To request Remote Desktop support click 'Get Support' from the Help menu within NEO and select the appropriate option.

How to contact us

Click here if you like to submit a support request.
If you are not yet a NEO user, you can contact us at

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- Heinz Tschabitscher