How we create volume through additional layers in Affiliate Sales:

Only volume will give you an interesting monthly reward in the Affiliate Program.

That's why you will not only receive commissions for friends that join but also for their friends when they join, and their friends' friends, and their friends' friends' friends up till the 7th level. See it as a tree you are planting where we reward you for the additional branches growing on it.

So when now selling to 2-3 friends who in turn succeed to enroll 2-3 of their friends who in turn succeed to enroll 2-3 friends (and so on), you will quickly receive an interesting commission every month through our Affiliate Program which continues to grow as time goes on.

And with the power of social networking this can easily become hundreds of people. So, the more you promote, the faster your monthly rewards will grow!

And if you cannot find friends willing to join? Don't worry, we will actively manage the tree as well and place stand alone subscribers underneath people without subscribers so you stay motivated and benefit from this program as well.

To make this program as attractive as possible we decided to pay up to 75% of the monthly subscription payments back to our Affiliates and up till the 7th branch in your Affiliate Tree - simply because you are our best salespersons!

Check the Demo Login to see how quickly this can add-up to a very interesting monthly payment.

Your monthly Affiliate Reward payments will continue for as long as you maintain your subscription. When you decide to stop your subscription the Affiliate Reward payments will end as well.

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