Who We Are

Caelo Software BV develops solutions for people who spend too much time managing their email. Caelo started one day several years ago when one of our founders got frustrated looking for an email message. Since that day we have worked hard at creating email technologies that really help people manage their email.

Caelo has developed patented technologies to automatically organize email - technologies that offer a fundamental improvement in how people use email. These technologies are showcased in our award-winning product, NEO Pro.

Next to NEO Pro, Caelo has developed a number of Outlook add-ins to help Outlook users become more efficient without the need to change their email client.

As Caelo’s passion is to make email work for you, we also developed several training modules to help you become more efficient with your email. Not only for users of our software products but also for those using Outlook itself - this as we believe our knowledge and understanding of email technology and efficiency can certainly be applied to Outlook as well.

Trainings are offered both in self-study format (Application Notes and Online Email Training) as well as in very convenient one hour webinars which are broadcasted with a live instructor and include a Q&A session.

Caelo is pronounced "kay-lo" (rhymes with halo). Loosely translated, it means "the heavens" in Latin.

Our Location

Head Office:
Caelo Software B.V.
de Vlasakker 4
5555 LH Valkenswaard
fax: +31-40-2010653

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