The Commission Accelerator:

To come to interesting monthly commissions we apply 2 principles:
- A 7 layer Affiliate Program as volume is in the higher levels
- And 3 different subscription Levels to accelerate the commissions

When you start as Affiliate we reward you for your Affiliate tree up to the 3rd branch - subscription fee is $5/month
When commissions grow, you can join the next level and be rewarded to the 5th level - subscription fee is $15/month
When commissions grow even further, you can join the last level and be rewarded to the 7th level - subscription fee is $40/month

As these higher fees can easily be paid out of the earned commissions, there is not really an extra charge for you.
BUT: when others in your Affiliate Tree upgrade as well, you will start to receive the commissions over these higher fees!
Eventually everybody in your Affiliate Tree will upgrade to level 3 and now you have a very interesting monthly commission without any further investment.

That's what we call the Commission Accelerator.

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