Marketing Partners

Caelo Software has formed marketing alliances with the companies listed on this page. The purpose is to make our NEO users aware of products that we think further enhance email productivity. Our Quality Assurance department has tested each of these products for compatibility with NEO prior to listing them here. If one or more of these products or services catches your eye please click on their link.

Slipstream Advantage Group: Remote 1-on-1 training boosting email efficiency

Live training for NEO users
Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of NEO Pro? Now you can find out from a NEO expert. Slipstream Advantage Group is an authorized training partner for NEO for North America. Both one-on-one and onsite group training is available. See Expert NEO Training for more info. Or, subscribe to Slipstream's free email tips and best practices newsletter.

Tools for Managing a Coaching Practice from Client Compass Software

Tools for Managing a Coaching Practice from Client Compass Software
Automate & streamline your business and add extra value for your clients. Client Compass offers benefits that can turn your "busyness" into effectiveness. Turning that 5-10 hours into billable or "effective" time could generate thousands of extra dollars each year! Client Compass allows you to automate how you keep track of your client information. Visit Client Compass for Information on this great product and other software applications for coaches.

Eazy Backup from Inc.

Eazy Backup from Inc.
The Eazy Backup utilities are designed to make it easy for all users with any level of expertise to create a backup or archive files of popular applications. Eazy Backup also makes it easy to restore data from a backup or archive file. Eazy Backup - NEO allows users to backup all critical and optional NEO "User Profile" data and restore "User Profile" data to the current or any profile.

Partner Ideas
Resource Links Caelo is actively seeking co-marketing alliances with products and services that enhance end-user productivity. All inquiries should be directed to
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