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April 12, 2012 - Bring order to your Sent Items Folder
“Plenty of email utilities help bring order to your inbox, your sent items folder is often overlooked, left to drown under the weight of its own unorganized mess. Not anymore. Track Your Sent is an automated way to file and take action on messages that you send in Outlook.”

Liane Cassavoy - PC World

Discovery News, March 2012
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March 26, 2012 - Tidy up your Outlook inbox!
"Make no mistake, the email efficiency you gain through these toolbars, panes and other features will save you time...and contribute to your long-term sanity."

Christina Oritz and Scott Tharler - Discovery News

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Juice 107.3FM, August 2010

August 4, 2010 - NEO Pro: An absolute time-saver!
"NEO Pro makes life so much easier. Organizes messages in different ways depending on how your mind works. Super fast search capabilities."

Callum Jones - Program Director, Juice 107.3FM

Irish Computer, May 2010

May, 2010 - Add power and pizzazz to Outlook!
"If Outlook ever needed a wow-factor, NEO Pro is the best enticement we've come across."

Cliff Hutton - Irish Computer

Observations from HongKong

April 6, 2010 - NEO Pro: putting Outlook on steroids
"NEO Pro promises to organize, prioritize and help me find my email. In all three categories, the product is superb! NEO Pro’s search function works like magic – fast and accurate."

Allan Tan - Content Director, Questex Asia Limited


March 10, 2010 - NEO Pro: a heaven for Outlook users!
"NEO Pro smartly organizes your emails and makes them completely searchable, easier and faster than ever. NEO Pro will save your time BIG TIME. You never have to worry about maintaining and organizing your Outlook any more! The best of all, NEO Pro search is powerful, simple, and simply works! "

Michael Aulia - CravingTech


March 2, 2010 - Find any email message instantly
"If I had to choose one software package that most improves the daily quality of my cyberlife, I’d choose NEO Pro"

Joshua Stein in TechnoLawyer

February 8, 2010 - NEO Pro: a huge productivity gain!
"NEO Pro does away with the anachronistic folder model where each message is in exactly one folder. Instead, every message shows up in multiple places — wherever it makes sense. It comes with impressive and lightning fast search which allows you to find the right message quickly in an archive of thousands."

Heinz Tschabitscher -

PC World

July 13, 2009 - NEO Pro shows Outlook you're the boss!
"A lot of add-ons promise to help you restore order to your mess of an Outlook inbox, but most of the apps I've tried just resulted in more work for me. Not NEO Pro, though: This handy Outlook add-on is the first I've used that I actually plan to keep using."

Liane Cassavoy - PC World

Windows IT Pro

June, 2009 - NEO Pro anticipates how you want to organize your mail.
"NEO Pro organizes emails by indexed attributes such as correspondent, attachment type, and date. In Outlook, Search is my main method for slogging through my mailbox, and slog it does. In NEO Pro, I clicked the Search tab, typed a search word, and set it to search all messages. Instantly, the pertinent emails appeared."

Caroline Marwitz - Windows IT Pro

Computer Power User Review

June, 2009 - NEO Find: as quick as you can think!
"There are tools such as Google Desktop Search and Windows Search 4.0 that can search through your mail, but actually finding what you want is surprisingly hit-or-miss in many situations. Neo Find might be the answer. Neo Find adds excellent search and filtering yet allows you to keep using Outlook. It’s the best of all worlds for a very reasonable price."

Warren Ernst - Computer Power User

GCN Lab Review

June 16, 2009 - NEO Pro tames the Outlook monster
"NEO Pro does a great job of organizing unruly Outlook e-mail. NEO's fast search function alone made me feel like I could conquer my inbox and finally get organized."

Trudy Walsh - Government Computer News


Campus Circle Review

June, 2009 - NEO Pro: quicker, easier email browing
"NEO Pro allows you to instantly sort according to sender, date, urgency and much more, without having to wait each time you want to change the search."

Jonathan Knell - Campus Circle

Smart Computing

May 2009 - NEO Find organizes your messages
"If you find yourself frustrated with Microsoft Outlook’s search function or simply have an overloaded Outlook Inbox, check out NEO Find."

Jennifer Farwell - Smart Computing

Digital Journal | Technology

March 2009 - Astonishingly efficient and fast
"NEO Find’s capacity to sort through e-mail is astonishingly efficient and fast. Its search structure makes Outlook’s tools look positively prehistoric."

Jack Kapica - Digital Journal

Boston Globe

March 2009 - powerful e-mail indexing tool NEO Find
"NEO Find searches rarely require more than five seconds. Other tools lack NEO Find's more powerful features, like instant tracking of all e-mails from a particular sender."

Hiawatha Bray - The Boston Globe

Mr. Modem's Squeal of Approval

March 2009 - NEO Find is truly reflective of its name
"It organizes email so you can find anything quickly. No matter where your messages are located within Outlook, NEO Find is lightning fast. I would use NEO Find in a heartbeat - it's a first-class product for all Outlook users."

Mr. Modem

March 2009 - Where the heck is that email?
"One thing I love about NEO Find is that by default the program will sort your emails by correspondent. So, if you want to find that email from John Smith you simply click on his name and there is all the emails you’ve sent or received from him."

Brian Osborne -

Computer America

March 3, 2009 - Interview on Computer America
"NEO Pro shows all your emails in many different views. Finding your emails is highly intuitive."

Craig Crossman / Carey Holzman

>> Entire Interview

The Lawyer's PC

February 15, 2009 - NEO Find: a different way of managing your e-mails - "NEO Find showed me I had correspondents from years ago - I'm very grateful to NEO Find for resurrecting them."

Daniel E. Harmon - The Lawyer's PC


February 2009 - NEO Pro is the best
"Over the years, I've tried many different tools to help me search and organize information better. NEO Pro is the best I've found."

Howard Getson - Capitalogix

February 2009 - NEO Find finds mail fast!
"No matter how much you have and no matter the Outlook storage you use (PST, Exchange, Windows Live Hotmail, IMAP,...) — and organizes it in smart folders by correspondent, too."

Heinz Tschabitscher -

Australian Financial Review

June 2008 - NEO's email system wins over Outlook
"It's not often we can begin a column advising to buy this product, but if you're a Microsoft Outlook user, that's our recommendation for NEO by Caelo Software. This is how Outlook should have been designed."

CNET Software

CNET's list of TOP products includes NEO among some of the best known applications such as Microsoft XP & Encarta, Norton SystemWorks and Mcafee VirusScan.

CNET Software

"Equipped with a lightning-fast search tool, a wealth of customizable features, and on-the-fly synchronization with Outlook, Nelson Email Organizer is a lifesaver for anyone who handles more than a dozen e-mail messages a day."

Gregg Keizer - CNET Software

Computer Shopper Magazine

"BEST E-MAIL ORGANIZER. If you're drowning in e-mail, Nelson Email Organizer could bail you out. This cool Outlook add-on automatically prioritizes and routes incoming messages into virtual folders that let you display and manage your mail in a variety of ways. If you throw NEO's flexible and incredibly fast search tool into the mix, you just might have the best thing to happen to e-mail since Outlook itself."

Best products of the Year - 2002
CNET / Computer Shopper Magazine

"Nelson Email Organizer is an excellent choice for those who not only want to organize current and recent mail, but treat their entire e-history as a database and resource."

LAPTOP Magazine

The Wall Street Journal

"This is a great piece of software. Basically, it tries to assume that you, the user, are a human being who gets a lot of e-mails but doesn't have a lot of time... For those of you who use Outlook for e-mail, NEO is a godsend. For those of you who don't, you should consider this program as the plug-in that makes Outlook a killer application."

Jeremy Wagstaff - The Wall Street Journal

USA Today

"Unwanted e-mail can slow down your productivity, especially on the road. Nelson E-mail Organizer ( is an application that runs alongside Microsoft Outlook, allowing you to run lightning-fast searches and prioritize your incoming messages."

Christopher Elliott - USA Today

Barron's Financial

"If you're a power e-mail user -- someone whose every incoming message needs different treatment (one needs a colleague's feedback or approval, another needs further review, a third must be forwarded to certain contacts) -- it's worth it."

Kathy Yakal - Barron's Financial

"I think of Neo as an Outlook-as-it-should-have-been e-mail interface. The program lets me arrange e-mail by critical--or hypercritical--people (my editor waiting for a past-due column, for example), by frequent correspondents, or by date."

Steve Bass - PC World

Bloomberg Radio

"It plugs into Outlook, prioritizes your email, speeds up searching by as much as 100 times and creates folders for attachments and lets you quickly look up messages by correspondent. It also creates a separate folder that automatically collects bulk mail."

Fred Fishkin - Bloomberg Radio

ZDNet Software Library

"Nelson Email Organizer is hands-down the best addition to Outlook I've ever tried. It'll automatically organize your e-mail for you, let you search through your messages with lightning speed, and save you immeasurable amounts of time. This one's a must-have for anyone who lives by e-mail."

Preston Gralla - ZDNet Software Library

The Globe and Mail

"Brilliantly, NEO doesn't change anything in Outlook - just the way we look at it. For the price, it's an excellent product for people who handle immense amounts of mail."

Jack Kapica - The Globe and Mail

Ding Bat Magazine

"Must-have companion for your mail program. Think of NEO as a super-secretary-lightning fast and efficient-who takes control of Outlook and organizes everything just the way you want it. Perform super fast searches throughout Outlook folders (every word in your email folders is searchable on the fly!) Wow!"

Derek Pell - DingBat Magazine

Australian IT

"Working in conjunction with Outlook, NEO makes it possible to manage very large amounts of email without creating a proliferation of folders, initiating painstaking searches or setting up numerous nitpicking rules."

Janet Hughes - Australian IT

Smart Business

"This may be the biggest boon to the office since free coffee."

Ron White - Smart Business Magazine


"A great solution to the problem of email overload. Whether at home or work, this is an invaluable tool for regular email users."

Paul Rowlingson -


"NEO works with Microsoft Outlook to help you stay in control of your ever-expanding river of e-mail. Among its many tricks is its ability to automatically sort messages by several criteria. For example, you can specify a sender -- your boss or your spouse - to be a "Hot" correspondent. A pop-up window alerts you when mail from that person arrives, and a single click will show all of his or her messages to you - and your replies to them."

Ric Manning - Courier Journal

Small Business Computing

"Test Drive rating - "Must Buy. Get it now." Anyone who uses Microsoft Outlook should give Nelson Organizer a try."

Charles H. Gajeway - Small Business Computing

Australian Financial Review

"We are drowning in a sea of e-mail, and for many of us, Microsoft Outlook is the instrument of our torture...To the rescue comes Nelson Organizer, a front end for Outlook that imposes order on e-mail chaos."

Peter Moon - Australian Financial Review

Computer Technology Review

"Nelson is an absolute necessity for any serious user of Microsoft Outlook... I guarantee you won't be able to do without it after trying it for a week or so."

Dave Trowbridge - Computer Technology Review

The Seattletimes

"NEO's organizational abilities are legion... a big-gun solution for people who have too many messages and need a way to find the important ones."

Charles Bermant - Seattle Times

"Bottom line: I stopped using the Nelson Organizer for a week to see if I could live without it... I started using it again, and I'm glad I did..."

Tom Henderson - WINMAG.COM

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