What's new in NEO Pro 6.0

For what's new in the latest build 6220 / 6221 click here.

You can download NEO Pro 6.0 here
Rebuild the catalog when upgrading from NEO Pro 618x (see below for details) or coming from NEO Pro 4 or earlier.

New in NEO Pro 6.0

  • NEO Pro now compatible with 64 bit Outlook
    NEO Pro 6 introduces compatibility with 64 bit Outlook version. You can now run NEO Pro no matter what Outlook version you have running. Please note, bitness of your Outlook is independent of the bitness of your computer or operating system - e.g. 64 bit Windows 10 can run either 32 or 64 bit Outlook. Check here to find bitness of your Outlook program.
  • Online Archive folders can now be added
    Online Archive folders from Office 365 can now be added to the NEO Pro catalog. As these folders are only available on the Exchange server (there is no local copy) initial synchronization may take longer than usual depending on number of items in the archive. Also, due to the online nature no real-time synchronization is possible hence NEO Pro will update this Online Archive together with updating the Word Index (which is by default every hour).
  • Update all default folder counts in NEO Pro
    For all folders within NEO Pro, the default Folder Count can now be specified under Tools, Options, Format tab ('Unread', 'Total' or 'Both') which will then be used for every new folder created within NEO Pro.
    All existing folders can be updated with this defined default folder count with the button provided at that same location.
  • Revised/updated NEO Pro User Interface
    NEO Pro 6 introduces a revised and updated NEO Pro user interface matching the look and feel of the installed Outlook version. When starting up the first time, NEO Pro will set its user interface to match your current Outlook version - if you prefer another look and feel, you can change the User Interface Ribbon Style from the View tab in NEO Pro.

    Changes to the user interface also means new NEO Pro Layout files - your previous exported layout files cannot be used anymore. Therefore, after starting up NEO Pro 6, export your current layout settings into a new Layout file by going to the View tab, Layout command then Export Layout.
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10 and latest Outlook versions
    NEO Pro 6 is now fully compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and all Outlook versions (32 and 64 bit).


  • Folder Name in message listing
    The Folder Name column in the message list was hard to read as the most relevant part was mostly outside the width of the column. Also sorting on this column was incorrect. Folder names will now use all available space of the column and if it needs to be truncated will do so from the middle to keep relevant information available to the maximum. Please note the full folder name is visible in the header of the reading pane.
    Also sorting on the folder name is now correct.
  • Removing folder from Hot View requires confirmation
    When removing a folder from the Hot view confirmation is required to avoid removing folders from this view inadvertedly.
  • Reset NEO user interface
    The NEO Pro user interface could already be reset by starting with Ctrl+Shift keys pressed. The interface can now also rebuild from scratch by starting NEO Pro and holding only the Ctrl key. A dialog asks for confirmation before resetting or rebuilding the user interface.
  • Increased font size of NEO panes
    Further improved handling of increasd font size for various windows in NEO Pro.

Issues Resolved

Build 6xx0 - NEO Pro version x86: for 32 bit Outlook
Build 6xx1 - NEO Pro version x64: for 64 bit Outlook
  • NEO Pro 6.0 Build 6220 / 6221
    • Certain configurations caused issues with Search results. To solve this problem an upgrade to part of the database is needed - this will be done at first startup of this new version. Depending on size of the catalog, this may take some time - even when NEO appears to be unresponsive, wait until NEO finishes this upgrade. After this upgrade of the database a catalog rebuild is needed for users running NEO Pro 6 build 618x - for earlier versions a full sync will mostly be sufficient.
    • Correspondent Folder Properties didn't show correctly on screens using non-standard DPI settings.
    • Various other layout issues at hi-resolution screens have been solved.
    • Filing items quickly caused occasionally error 'Could not Update Folder'.
    • Mouse was scrolling only the NEO pane that had the focus - now the pane scrolls which is underneath the mouse cursor independent whether this pane has focus or not.
    • Catalog sizes were not shown correctly for very large catalogs
    • On some systems, closing NEO Pro caused an error.
  • NEO Pro 6.0 Build 6180 / 6181
    • Column sizes in the message list were not always maintained when closing/restarting NEO Pro.
    • Beta version 6170/6171 had wrong sizing of the Tools, Options window.
    • Including all changes of beta build 6170/6171 (and updated where needed).
  • NEO Pro 6.0 Build 6170 / 6171 (beta version)
    • Having two or more Office 365 exchange accounts caused a fatal database error due to changes in Outlook of the identifiers of the underlying folders. The solution for this requires a full sync of the catalog at first startup of this new NEO Pro version. Whenever a catalog from a previous NEO Pro build is opened for the first time, NEO Pro will force a full sync in the foreground - please allow this full sync to finish before using this new version. In case of incidental errors during this initial synchronization, please close and restart Outlook and NEO Pro once synchronization has finished - NEO Pro should now sync properly. After this first full sync NEO Pro will start and run normally.
    • Right-click on Current folder in Categories and selecting New Folder caused a non-fatal error. Same when selecting a new folder in the Rules dialog.
    • Text in the category edit field in the Category picker was cut-off for screens at 100% DPI.
    • Other labels in various places in the user interface got cut-off with DPI larger than 100%. Most notably the column labels above the message list.
    • Creating catalogs with multiple exchange mailboxes didn't show all relevant e-mail addresses - neither did the Your Addresses menu item.
    • Importing older catalog information in the New Catalog Wizard failed under certain circumstances.
    • Special characters in account names caused issues with the catalog configuration file which in turn caused problems with opening the catalog.
    • Conversation grouping not always reliably including forward or reply e-mails. This has been improved in multiple ways.
    • Conversation icon on the toolbar was not always showing correct status of this mode.
    • When font size of the NEO Panes was set too large (under Tools, Options, Reading Pane tab) the lowest options on the Options window became inaccessible as they extended beyond the borders of the window. The Options window now becomes scrollable when font size becomes too large for the window to fit on the screen.
    • Attachment names became unreadable at the attachment icon in the reading pane when hovering with the mouse above the attachment name.
    • Improvements in color combinations used with the Outlook 2010 Ribbon Style for the various color schemes.
    • Search string in NEO Pro was limited to 40 characters - occasionally this was too limited so this has been doubled.
    • Text highlighting of search words not working with pure text messages.
    • Next/Previous buttons missing in the Reading Pane (to the right of the Note icon in the reading pane header).
    • Special characters in Correspondent Folder names showed incorrectly.
  • NEO Pro 6.0 Build 6140 / 6141
    • A bug in Office 2016 update on June 6, 2016 (version 16.0.6965.2053) caused fatal start-up error (Access Violation error in mso20win32client.dll) resulting in a shutdown of NEO Pro. Caelo Software engineers were the first to present a solution to Microsoft.
    • On some configurations a "not a valid integer" error was triggered when starting NEO Pro.
  • NEO Pro 6.0 Build 6120 / 6121
    • New location for Layouts files (now located one directory up from the Catalog directory).
    • Replying to Spam message in Outlook 2016 triggered an error.
    • IMAP accounts showed system notifications as messages when running offline.
    • Various improvements when running with changed font size in NEO Pro.
    • Quick File list showed empty line at the end.
    • Double-clicking column divider in the message list triggered an error.
    • Increased font size removed Clear button from NEO panes
  • NEO Pro 6.0 Build 6090 / 6091
    • During install and/or repair of NEO Pro errors could show on writing/updating Btrieve registry keys.
    • When copying text from the reading pane the frequent error 'Cannot open Clipboard' is solved.
    • On some configurations there was inaccurate detection of the Operating System in use - this resulted in errors during closing NEO Pro and/or closing of the catalog.
    • On some configurations NEO Pro couldn't run with Outlook in offline mode.
  • NEO Pro 6.0 Build 6070 / 6071
    • Latest Win10 caused NEO Pro to close when opening a catalog.
    • In NEO panes folders couldn't be selected by typing first letter(s).
    • When placing cursor to resize NEO panes the cursor disappeared.
    • NEO always started with the Ribbon interface even if so disabled in the Options.
  • NEO Pro 6.0 Build 6050 / 6051
    • Initial startup of NEO Pro caused in some configurations user interface errors.
    • Same for resetting the user interface from the View tab, Layout command.
    • Outlook didn't always start NEO Pro 6 even if so configured in NEO Pro options.
    • NEO Pro for 32 bit Outlook didn't show debug information for errors.
    • During installation or repair of NEO Pro, benign errors on writing certain registry keys could occur.
    • Synchronization errors when running off-line with Exchange Server have been solved.
    • Some minor bugs encoutered in the latest NEO Pro 5 version have been resolved.

Known Issues

  • Isolated start-up issue
    On some configurations the error 'Operating system currently not configured to run this application' shows during install and start-up of NEO Pro. Clicking away the error normally allows the install to finish properly and to run the program - after this the program should run without any problem. This 'error' seems to come from a version mismatch between certain system files. The issue is under investigation and will hopefully be resolved soonest.