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Bring order to your Sent Items Folder
Liane Cassavoy - PC World
April 12, 2012

Tidy up your Outlook inbox! see slide 5
Christina Oritz and Scott Tharler - Discovery News
March 26, 2012

NEO Pro: An absolute time-saver!
Callum Jones - Program Director, Juice 107.3FM
August 4, 2010

NEO Pro: add power and pizzazz to Outlook!
Cliff Hutton - Irish Computer
May, 2010

NEO Pro: putting Outlook on steroids
Allan Tan - Content Director, Questex Asia Limited
April 6, 2010

NEO Pro: a heaven for Outlook users!
Michael Aulia - CravingTech
March 10, 2010

Find any email message instantly
Joshua Stein in TechnoLawyer
March 2, 2010

NEO Pro: a huge productivity gain!
Heinz Tschabitscher -
February 8, 2010

NEO Pro shows Outlook you're the boss!
Liane Cassavoy - PC World
July 13, 2009

NEO Pro anticipates how you want to organize your mail.
Caroline Marwitz - Windows IT Pro
June, 2009

NEO Find searches as quickly as you can think and click!
Warren Ernst - Computer Power User
June, 2009

NEO Pro can tame the Outlook monster
Trudy Walsh - Government Computer News
June, 2009

NEO Pro: a far quicker, easier email browing experience
Jonathan Knell - Campus Circle
June, 2009

NEO Find organizes your messages
Jennifer Farwell - Smart Computing
May, 2009

NEO Find: Astonishingly efficient and fast
Jack Kapica - Digital Journal
March, 2009

NEO Find: A powerful e-mail indexing tool
Hiawatha Bray - The Boston Globe
March, 2009

NEO Find is truly reflective of its name
Mr. Modem
March, 2009

Where the heck is that email?
March, 2009

NEO Find: a different way of managing your e-mails
The Lawyer's PC
February 15, 2009

NEO Find finds mail fast!
February, 2009

NEO's email system wins over Outlook
Australian Financial Review
June 10, 2008

Handle email better in less time
May 22, 2008

Innovations: NEO Pro helps combat e-mail overload
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
June 18, 2005

NEO 3.0 is a new way of working with email
Outlook Power Magazine
September 15, 2004

Highly recommended
Kick Start News
August 1, 2004

NEO takes the heavy lifting out of email
PC Today Magazine
July 21, 2004

NEO Pro is an ideal solution... Editors' Choice!
ZDNet Australia
July 16, 2004

How to Make Outlook Even Better
June 9, 2004

Get NEO, Forget Spam, Gain Free Time
April 28, 2004

E-mail snob digs new software
Pittsburgh post-gazette
March 18, 2004

Real e-mail efficiency
October 1, 2003

Need a shovel for your e-mail?
Network World
March 10, 2003

Caelo's Email Organizer creates order from chaos
Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine
February 25, 2003

Improving the Outlook
Australian Computer Trader
October 25, 2002

An end to e-mail headaches
Computing Canada Magazine
October 11, 2002

Stay in control of your ever-expanding river of e-mail
The Courier Journal
August 11, 2002

Must-have companion for your mail program
DingBat Magazine
August 5, 2002

Outlook getting out of hand? Try Nelson to organize e-mail
The Seattle Times
July 07, 2002

Automatic & useful email organisation
June 11, 2002

An indispensable add-on
June 5, 2002

Get Organized Without Effort
May 16, 2002

Cheap Software for the Road
The Travel Technologist
March 21, 2002

Program promises to save time
September 29, 2001

A More Positive Outlook
ZDNet AnchorDesk
September 11, 2001

Automatically Organize E-mail
August 17, 2001

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