NEO Features - Free and Pro

All NEO Free features are included in NEO Pro where NEO Pro is adding many powerful organizational features as listed below.

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Feature Benefit How it works
NEO Free
Single message store

Simple data management - perfect for those wanting a single data file (message store) organized.

Choose an Exchange Mailbox or a Personal Folder.

Works seamlessly with Outlook

Continue to use all the flexibility of Outlook while taking advantage of NEO email productivity features.

Can switch easily between NEO and Outlook. Most email features available within NEO.

Virtual folders

Messages are much easier to find because they are displayed in more locations.

Our shortcut technology allows a message to appear in more than one location without copying.

Quick File

Two quick ways to file reduce the time and hassles of managing Outlook folders.

Quick File is a single-click way to move a message out of your Inbox. Quick File Recent is a single-key way to display your recently filed-to folder for quick folder selection.

NEO Power Search

All your messages are instantly accessible. Save time and headaches by searching up to 100 times faster than Outlook.

Every word in every single message is fully indexed on-the-fly.

Bulk Mail

Reduce clutter by moving lower priority email to the background.

NEO automatically re-directs your e-newsletters, discussion lists, etc. into individual or grouped bulk mail folders.

Caller ID for email

See who new messages are from without going to NEO - fewer unnecessary interruptions.

A balloon announcing new mail appears in the system tray. Customizable -- you decide type of messages for notification.

Folder groups

Makes dealing with multiple people from a single organization easier.

Create group folders for easier organization.

Automatic folder organization

Folders you use often are auto-managed into New, Current and Dormant top-level folders so you don't have to spend time doing it manually.

For example, you could specify that any folders in Current, that have not been actively used for 1 year, be automatically moved by NEO into the Dormant area. Or move them manually.

Block Spam Senders

Can deal with spam senders once instead of each time they send Spam.

With the click of a button, all future email from the sender's address is directed to a restricted 'Spam Senders' folder that you can browse or empty.

Messages stored once - in Outlook

Your Outlook message store, folders and messages remain safely intact.

NEO does not take copies of messages -- it only creates indexes to them.

User-defined Outlook folders

Continue to create Outlook folders and use Outlook rules. You can still organize by folders that you create. No loss of your Outlook folder organization.

The Outlook view shows all your Outlook folders. You can copy messages to these folders and create new folders just as you can in Outlook.


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Unified multiple message stores

Unparalleled ability to quickly view and search across all your data files (message stores). Overcomes Outlook's limited abilities across message stores.

You decide which of your Exchange Mailbox, Personal Folders (PSTs) or IMAP stores you want organized.

Correspondent folders

See all messages TO and FROM a correspondent in a single folder, no matter how many email addresses they have.

Messages are automatically organized into correspondent folders for you.

Filter Correspondent or Bulk Mail

Choose to see just your important mail during the day, and to read your bulk mail at your leisure.

Click for Correspondent mail only, or Bulk mail only, or both.

Hot Mail

Helps you focus on your important mail by bringing important people, news mail and folders to the foreground.

If you want to keep an eye on particular people, e-newsletter or Outlook folders, put their Correspondent, Bulk Mail or Outlook folder in your Hot View.

Category View

Enhances your ability to find relevant messages related to a single project.

Assign keywords to messages with Categories. NEO improves on Outlook Categories by making them much easier to work with.

Status View

Streamlines workflow. Messages are easier to take action on when all in the same state.

Contains folders containing messages of the same state such as Active Mail, To Do, Unread, Keep, Important and so on.

Date View

Easier to manage mail in bite-sized chunks. Also, great for cleaning up old messages.

Messages are automatically grouped into date folders by when they are sent and received -- Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Jan 2000, Feb 2000, etc.

Attachment View

Attachments are easy to find, and easy to manage (can sort and delete the ones taking precious space).

Shows all your messages grouped by the type of attachments they contain (e.g., all DOC together). Displays the attachment file name for easy identification.

Filter toolbar

Reduce clutter - see only the mail you want to see.

Filter toolbar with 16 ways to filter messages. Use in any combination and can be disabled or cleared.

Keep messages

Prevents you from inadvertently deleting important messages.

When marked for keeping, you can't delete the message unless you un-keep it.

Undockable views

Minimize navigation - you can put more of your more frequently used email resources in front of you.

Undock any view to float as a Folder List above, dock on the workspace surface and even change the View tab order.

Active Mail

A 'staging area' folder and status for new mail until you have time to take action on it. Also let's you file a message yet still have it handy for additional actions.

You can configure NEO so new Correspondent or Bulk Mail arrives here.

To Do manager

Prioritize messages you need to take action on later.

Send messages to your To Do folder with three levels of priority.

Saved Search Results

Boosts efficiency when doing repetitive searching.

Search results can be saved into folders and refreshed. Can organize messages based on their contents.

Search on conversation

Zero-in on a single conversation.

Display all related messages for the selected message.

Enhanced Quick File control

By determining what's on your Quick File Recent menu you can arrange folders to stay in fixed positions and with consistent accelerator keys.

Clear List clears the list of recently filed-to folders, and Disable List Updates prevents new entries from going on the list.

Copy reply address to clipboard

Get at the actual email address of the sender without having to open the message.

Copies the Reply-to address of the message to your clipboard.

"This may be the biggest boon to the office since free coffee."
- Ron White