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Introduce Nelson Email Organizer (NEO) to your Facebook community
and enter to win a lifetime license for all our NEO products!

We’re giving away a lifetime license to all NEO products (incl. all upgrades) EVERY month. Just enter once and we’ll keep your name in the draw month after month!

Over the years NEO has spread by the excellent media reviews and positive word of mouth by users like you. We’d like to help you spread the word even more by asking you to introduce NEO to your Facebook friends and colleagues. To show our appreciation for taking the time to do this we will enter your name in the Contest!

It’s easy to enter!

  1. Click here the Facebook LIKE button followed by SHARE on FACEBOOK. When the Facebook SHARE window opens up, write a brief note to your Facebook community about how great NEO is (assuming that is what’s on your mind). 
    Share NEO Pro on Facebook
  2. Fill out the form and click Enter Me.
    We never give your information to others - see our privacy policy.

That’s it!
On the first of every month we’ll draw for the winner and we’ll let you know if you’re the lucky one!*

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* To collect your prize, you will be requested to send a link to your Facebook page with the shared information.


Our winners for 2012 are:

Jan2012:Howard Getson
Feb2012:Mike Brummer
Mar2012:Bob Milson
Apr2012:Lisa Tezzeria
May2012:John Stenden
June2012:JH Pan
July2012:Hans Voering
Aug2012:Tom Dufling
Sep2012:Pam Mohlen

"... consider this program as the plug-in that makes Outlook a killer application."
- Jeremy Wagstaff